Kaiser Thompson and Steven Cox have cultivated an approach to design that melds warmth and comfort with a modern vocabulary. Preserving the past whenever possible, while ensuring that today's voice is always heard most clearly, the pair bring thoughtful design to every project. The end result is always simple and elegant. A meticulously edited interior with a timeless quality all its own. Blending various design references in subtle and unexpected ways allows them to create a common language that echoes throughout the firms projects.  

Kaiser Thompson & Steven Cox

Kaiser Thompson & Steven Cox

     The duo's design approach allows them to work in differing environments with ease. Each project, whether a restaurant, retail store, residence or vacation home, integrates exciting design with comfort and practicality. Combining a mixture of fine art and architecture studies with extensive travel and lifelong passions for design, the pair are able to create uniquely gracious and inviting interiors that seem timeless.

     Mr. Thompson and Mr. Cox have both been involved in the design and arts community for many years. Serving as consultants, event organizers, and committee members has been both rewarding and educational. They continue to contribute their time and services to various organizations.   


     Whether sorting out the smallest details in a residential project, or handling the many issues in designing a restaurant, the firm prides itself on treating each with the same level of excitement and creativity. Small spaces and budget restrictions can be as challenging as massive commercial projects. The joy comes in finding just the right solution for any of these situations. Each project is approached with the same passion and drive to serve the client's needs and bring the project in on time, on budget, and on target.  

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